Meet Rashaunda & Why Love What I Do!

Mother, cosmetologist for over 15 years,  I am RASHAUNDA PALMER, who loves both my jobs. Neither one is easy, but long nights, hard work and dedication has helped me achieved my dream of being a salon owner for the last 10 years. I’ve been around the industry watching my dad when I was little, so I guess I was destined for this. Some doubted my success which led me to fight harder. As a child I only styled myself for fun, but by the time tenth grade hit, I had a line outside my mom’s house to get pin curl pony tails out of the microwave. A shift happened and I got serious, focused and determined to change the way my clients looked at themselves one mirror at a time!

I'm very passionate about the work that I display, while mastering what I do not know. I am always eager to learn more so I make sure that I stay current through continuous training. I love my craft and I am thankful for this gift.

Now I am selling Luxe Strands, which I stand by 100%. As the care I put into hair is quality, so is Luxe Strands.

Giving glory to GOD in advance so sit back and watch I take flight to my next level.